Michelle Kinman,
Environment California

Environment California Statement on Latest Impact of the Aliso Canyon Methane Leak: Summer Blackouts

For Immediate Release

Environment California Clean Energy Advocate Michelle Kinman released this statement:

“Today, state officials reported that Southern California could experience up to 14 days of planned power outages this summer, resulting from the Aliso Canyon methane leak. As a result of our reliance on dirty fossil fuels, this summer Californians could be without power during some of the hottest days of the year, putting the young and elderly especially at risk for health complications. The massive leak at the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility has made abundantly clear how methane poses a huge threat both to our climate and our health. The best way to protect Californians and our planet from this health-threatening pollution is to transition rapidly to 100 percent clean energy. Instead of a summer of dangerous blackouts, we must accelerate our use of solar energy, making the electricity grid more resilient and reliable and powering our lives with clean energy from the sun.”