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Ventura plastic bag ban moves forward

Ventura—A unanimous Ventura City Council voted tonight to draft a citywide ban on single-use plastic bags. City staff will develop an ordinance, based on a region-wide model, and return for a final vote as early as this fall. Nearly 80 California local governments have already banned plastic bags, representing nearly 1 in 3 Californians.

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LA Mayor signs plastic bag ban into law

Los Angeles, CA – Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has signed LA’s historic ban on single-use plastic bags into law. The ordinance, approved in an 11-1 vote by the City Council, bars stores that sell perishable food from distributing plastic bags at the checkout. The ban takes effect for large stores in January 2014, while smaller businesses, including convenience stores, have until July 2014 to comply. With LA’s policy in place, one in three Californians now live somewhere with a plastic bag ban.

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Marin Plastic Bag Ban Wins in Court

San Francisco – The California Court of Appeal has unanimously upheld Marin County’s plastic bag ban ordinance. The lawsuit, brought by the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, an unincorporated association, had challenged the county’s 2011 plastic bag ban under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Actions taken by regulatory agencies to protect the environment or natural resources are typically exempt from CEQA’s requirement to prepare an Environmental Impact Report. As the Court of Appeal made clear, this exemption applies to plastic bag ban ordinances.

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Los Angeles Enacts Plastic Bag Ban

“This important step forward for Los Angeles shows once again that we can achieve lasting victories for ocean and environmental health,” said Nathan Weaver with Environment California. “Banning plastic bags is the right choice to protect our rivers, beaches, and the Pacific Ocean. With one in three Californians living somewhere with a plastic bag ban, It’s only a matter of time until California bans plastic bags statewide. I applaud the Los Angeles City Council and Senator Padilla for their leadership on this issue.”

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Sonoma County, Richmond ban plastic bags

Richmond, CA – Richmond became the first city in Contra Costa County to ban plastic bags. Meanwhile, while the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved participation in a joint plastic bag ban with Sonoma’s incorporated cities.

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Senate fails to ban plastic bags

Sacramento, CA – The California Senate narrowly rejected a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags by a vote of 18-17. The vote came despite a marathon legislative push in which environmental advocates, business leaders, cities, veterans organizations, and community activists banded together to move the statewide bag ban forward. The bill, SB 405 (Padilla), would have been a major step forward in protecting the Pacific Ocean from plastic pollution.

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Sacramento plastic bag ban moves ahead

Sacramento, CA – The City Council’s Law and Legislation Committee unanimously approved a draft ordinance banning single-use plastic bags citywide. Satisfying this procedural requirement keeps the ban on track for a final vote by the full City Council later in 2013. Next, Sacramento will commission an initial study of the proposed ordinance’s environmental impacts. The ordinance would bar grocery, drug, and convenience stores from distributing single-use plastic checkout bags within city limits.

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Sen. Alex Padilla’s plastic bag ban bill moves to floor

Sacramento, CA – Legislation to ban single-use plastic bags across California took another step toward becoming law. The Senate’s Appropriations Committee voted this morning to approve SB 405, clearing the way for a floor vote by the full Senate. Written by Alex Padilla (Pacoima), the bill would ban single-use plastic checkout bags in grocery, drug, and convenience stores.

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Where is LA’s plastic bag ban?

Los Angeles, CA – One year ago today, the Los Angeles City Council committed to banning plastic bags in a historic 13-1 vote. City staffers have spent the intervening year drafting a proposed ordinance and conducting an exhaustive study. Their findings are in, and they’ve proposed banning plastic bags citywide as the best way to protect LA’s environment and the Pacific Ocean. But the same Council that committed to a plastic bag ban 13-1 has yet to even schedule a vote.

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Supreme Court upholds plastic bag ban. Again.

Sacramento, CA – The California Supreme Court has denied an appeal challenging the Los Angeles County reusable bag ordinance, upholding the appellate court’s ruling in Los Angeles County’s favor. The lawsuit, brought by plastic bag manufacturer Hilex Poly Co. and named individuals, had sought to repeal the county’s 2010 plastic bag ban. A unanimous appellate court upheld the ban in March.