Going solar at cut-rate cost

In the San Fernando Valley, homeowners like Dickinson and his wife, Sara, a jewelry designer, have become the unwitting faces of the solar energy movement - residents who didn't set out to be green activists but for whom going green makes sense now more than ever.

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California Adopts Nation’s First Energy Efficiency Standards for TVs

The California Energy Commission (CEC) passed the nation’s first energy efficiency standards for televisions. The standards are expected to save consumers an estimated $1 billion per year, cut smog-forming air pollution by 876 tons per year and cut global warming pollution by more than 3 million tons per year.


State Energy Commission to vote on TV power standards

State energy officials are nearing a decision on a ban on new energy-hogging televisions.

The first-in-the-nation regulations would phase in starting in 2011 and would set a cap on the amount of power a TV can draw.


Green screens may be future

Californians are nearly outnumbered by their televisions.

Thirty-five million sets entertain us five hours a day.


Consumers Pay the Price

Bay Area commuters can expect an increase of at least $1 in the cost of crossing all seven local toll bridges beginning July 1, transportation officials say.

The Bay Area Toll Authority, which manages the bridges, is expected to make a decision in January on how to close a projected annual budget gap of $140 million.


Talking green but working against it

Ever since she saw the House of the Future at Disneyland when she was a little girl, Nancy Van Tassel wanted a home that would be self-sustaining. This year, she finally had a solar system installed atop her house high in the hills above Atascadero.

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Environment California joins Gov. Schwarzenegger and Secretary Salazar to Clear Way for More Clean Energy

Further laying the groundwork for California to reach its environmental goals, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar in order to expedite the siting of California renewable energy projects.


Governor signs bills that boost solar power

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed several bills Sunday that will tweak the way California's electricity market works, encouraging solar power and phasing out some rules created during the state's electricity crisis.


State's new solar panel laws add incentives for rooftop system owners to save

Solar power got a boost over the weekend when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed bills that require investor-owned utilities like Southern California Edison to buy surplus solar electricity generated by homes, small businesses and by warehouses whose sun-baked roofs could be transformed into solar power plants.


Schwarzenegger signs 2 renewable energy bills, vetoes others

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has approved two major initiatives that will require utilities to pay consumers for generating extra power and will boost the payoff for certain solar facilities.