We banned the bag in 100 communities.

In 2013, more cities and counties stood up to protect Pacific wildlife and passed bans on single-use plastic grocery bags. Now, more than 90 communities in California, from Marin to Los Angeles, are living bag free. Thanks to citizen support, California now has a network of 124 underwater state parks that protect our coast and wildlife.


We won three critical bills to help California go solar.

Seven years after we passed the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, California is the nation’s unabashed solar energy leader. In 2013, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined our call to get 20 percent of our largest city’s energy from solar power by 2020. We won three bills in the Legislature that will make it easier for Californians to go solar. And our efforts helped California’s rooftop solar market grow by 25 percent in 2013, reducing air pollution, fighting global warming, and working to ensure California’s solar future is bright.


From Alameda to Yountville, we're saying "YES" to electric vehicles

To date, over 250 current and recent mayors, city council members and county supervisors from Oakland and Fresno to San Fernando and Chula Vista, have signed on to endorse Gov. Jerry Brown’s vision to place 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on California’s roads by 2025. By accelerating the deployment of clean vehicles, we can clean up our air, reduce global warming pollution, improve public health, save Californians money at the pump and stimulate economic growth.