Fifty environmental activities kids can do at home

By | Megan Severson
State Director

As people in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, and across the United States brace for weeks of school closures and social distancing, I am searching for ways to make the most of this challenging period. While our own health, essential needs, and family care arrangements are top of mind, we are also staring down the inevitability of long stretches of boredom. I’d love to help my step-kids fill this time by learning about the planet and how to protect it. So I asked my colleagues at Environment America to help me come up with a list of ideas.

California reverses course on common sense solar policy

By | Bronte Payne
Director, Go Solar Campaign

Imagine a future powered completely with clean, renewable energy. Imagine everything about your daily routine, whether it’s turning on your coffee maker in the morning or driving to work in your electric car, powered by the solar panels on your roof and the batteries in your garage.

House lawmakers call for badly needed increase in conservation funding

By | Steve Blackledge
Senior Director, Conservation America Campaign

A group of 172 House members should be lauded for making the Land & Water Conservation Fund a priority. 

An annual journey to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: the story of America's largest Caribou herd

By | Steve Blackledge
Senior Director, Conservation America Campaign

Every year, in late spring and early summer, the Porcupine caribou arrive on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Numbering between 120,000 and 200,000 animals, the Porcupine herd – so named for their birthing grounds along the Porcupine River – is the largest in North America.