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Hundreds of thousands of Americans just sent a resounding message in support of one of our nation's most effective conservation laws.

They're used in products from non-stick pans to water-resistant clothing—and now these toxic chemicals are showing up in our drinking water.

On Sept. 10, California took a big step toward the bright side of history.

Two hundred thirty eight thousand students, nine universities on 10 campuses and five medical centers will be operating on clean renewable energy by 2025. On Sept. 4, The University of California (UC) system committed to sourcing all of its energy from clean renewable sources by 2025...

With the country's Clean Cars standards at stake, Americans turned out to stand up for cleaner air and a more stable climate.

California’s coasts are about to get a little cleaner. On Sept. 20, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law two Environment California-backed bills to reduce plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean. The first puts in place a “straws on request” policy for dine-in restaurants; the second requires state facilities to recycle food packaging.

National wildlife refuges should be safe havens for wildlife—including wild bees.

When it comes to innovative clean technology, seeing is believing. That's why, at the Global Climate Summit in California, Environment America teamed up with Proterra, a leading innovator in electric transportation, to kick off the September event with a tour billed as "States plug in to electric buses."

Eight hundred million dollars will soon be available to help California residents to tap even more of the power of the sun.On Sept. 27, Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 700 into law, which authorizes incentives for customers to install batteries with their solar energy systems.

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Steve Blackledge
Senior Director, Conservation America Campaign

We’re losing species at alarming rates and we’re not sufficiently protecting their habitats. Yet despit this, Trump administration has proposed new rules to weaken the Endangered Species Act, the U.S. law aimed at preventing extinction and helping species recover.