The Battle for LA

By Dan Jacobson
State Director

There is going to be more about this in the next few days. Here is why i think this is so important:

1- The court is seeing that banning bags just makes sense for California. While this is a local issue we are going to need to pass a statewide bill at somepoint.

2- This issue reminds me of prop 23 in 2010, when out of state oil companies tried to role back our clean air laws. We said NO! Now we are trying to ban single use plastic bags and out of state companies are trying to stop us.

3- There is a lot of confusion on prop 26 and this case will play a key role in clearing up this issue.

Look out for more in depth coverage on this issue in the next 24 to 48 hours.

special thanks to Heal the Bay and Surfrider for thier amazing work.