Two hundred thirty eight thousand students, nine universities on 10 campuses and five medical centers will be operating on clean renewable energy by 2025.

On Sept. 4, the University of California (UC) system committed to sourcing all of its energy from clean renewable sources by 2025. This is the first announcement of its kind from a flagship public university system and builds upon the UC system’s preexisting carbon neutrality program.

“The University of California system just passed its clean energy exam with flying colors,” said Bronte Payne, director of our 100% Renewable Campuses campaign. “Today’s announcement shows that colleges and universities in California aren’t just preparing students for the future, they’re also preparing our communities for the future.”

This announcement comes just one week after the California State Assembly passed Senate Bill 100 to commit the state of California to 100 renewable and zero-carbon electricity by 2045—another important victory for Environment California, our Student PIRG partners, and our national network.

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Photo: West Village at University of California at Davis is the largest planned zero net energy neighborhood in the U.S. Credit: UC Davis