Governor Should Sign RPS Bills

Statement on Governor’s Signature of 33% by 2020 Renewable Portfolio Standard bills (SB 14/64)
For Immediate Release

Bernadette Del Chiaro
Governor Schwarzenegger should sign AB 64 (Krekorian) and SB 14 (Simitian). Together, these bills would create the nation’s largest mandate for renewable energy, putting California on track to getting 33% of its electricity from clean renewable resources by 2020.
Creating a hard mandate with the force of law behind it for this 33% by 2020 goal is critical to meeting California’s global warming goals, much championed by Governor Schwarzenegger, as well as bringing upward of 200,000 green jobs to the state. Equally important, such a law would create the much-needed national leadership toward clean energy and global warming solutions.
California must act now and swiftly to shift toward a clean energy future. Leaving it up to the state’s electric utilities to shift away from fossil fuels is fool-hardy. And waiting another year cheats California of the tremendous clean air and green job benefits that come from an immediate investment in renewable energy resources such as wind and solar power.
We strongly urge Governor Schwarzenegger to sign AB 64 and SB 14.