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Green Transit: Record-breaking transit ridership in California saved fuel equal to nearly a million cars last year

In 2008, people in California saved 554 million gallons of gasoline by riding transit in record numbers – the amount consumed by 960,100 cars. Transportation is responsible for more than two-thirds of our nation’s dependence on oil, and about one-third of our carbon dioxide pollution

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Statement on Governor's Renewable Energy Executive Order

There is no question that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. The legislature passed a good renewable energy package with SB 14 and AB 64 that would have made a 33% by 2020 renewable electricity standard law. It is for this reason that we urge the governor to reconsider his veto and sign these bills.

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Governor Should Sign RPS Bills

Governor Schwarzenegger should sign AB 64 (Krekorian) and SB 14 (Simitian). Together, these bills would create the nation’s largest mandate for renewable energy, putting California on track to getting 33% of its electricity from clean renewable resources by 2020.

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Renewable Energy Legislative Wins in 2009

The California State Legislature took another giant step toward building a clean energy future with the passage of five significant clean energy bills that will continue California’s leadership in promoting clean renewable energy.

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New Report: Strong Energy Efficiency Policies in Energy/Climate Legislation Would Save California Families $209 per Year, Create 66,200 Jobs

New national report finds that California households would save an average of $209 per year and 66,200 sustainable jobs would be created in the state over the next ten years if Congress acts now to include strong energy efficiency improvements in energy and climate legislation.