News Release | Environment California

Green Recovery Bill Will Deliver Less Pollution, More Jobs through Clean Energy

This afternoon, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an economic recovery package containing nearly $80 billion in clean energy, energy efficiency, public transit, rail and green transportation funding.

News Release | Environment California

New Report: We Have a Bright Future in Clean Energy

America can reduce global warming pollution by nearly 10 percent annually, replace the power equivalent of 170 coal fired power plants, and create or sustain more than 3 million jobs by making investments in clean energy and transportation a cornerstone of President-elect Obama’s economic recovery plan, according to a report by Environment California. California stands to benefit tremendously from a push toward clean energy.

News Release | Environment California

Senator McCain’s Nuclear Plan: An Economic and Environmental Disaster

Senator John McCain’s plan to build up to a 100 new nuclear reactors could cost taxpayers an estimated $280 billion and present significant risk for the economy and the public, while doing little to solve America’s energy problems, according to a new report by Environment California.

News Release | Environment California

Presidential Candidates Urged To Commit America To A Clean Energy Future

This paper lays out twelve achievable yet ambitious actions – ranging from increasing energy efficiency to installing more solar power – which the next president should, at a minimum, take within the first 100 days in office to put America on the clean energy path.

News Release | Environment California Research & Policy Center

New Report Documents California's Outstanding Clean Energy Leadership

The State of California has been rated a gold star for its outstanding leadership in promoting clean energy and global warming solutions, according to a report released today by Environment California Research & Policy Center.