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Trump Administration’s Clean Power Plan Repeal Will Deliver Dirtier Air, More Global Warming

Today, the Trump administration will announce its plans to repeal the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, the nation’s best climate program to limit carbon pollution from dirty power plants.

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Just-Passed House Budget Threatens our Health, Our Environment And The Pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a 2018 budget. In response, Environment America D.C. Office Director Anna Aurilio issued the following statement: "The just-passed House budget threatens the health of our environment and our families. In addition to drastic cuts in some of the programs most vital to protecting America's air and water and our families' health. Adding insult to injury, the House budget also included instructions to the House Natural Resources Committee aimed ultimately at allowing drilling in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge."

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Special interests dim opportunity for California to commit to 100% clean electricity

Despite overwhelming support from 76 percent of its constituents, the California State Assembly today deferred a vote on the landmark Senate Bill 100, which would have committed the state to generating 100 percent of its electricity from renewable and zero-carbon sources by 2045. Defying both what’s best for the Golden State and the will of the people, utility companies and electrical unions succeeded in their last-minute ploy to push the bill to next year’s legislative session.

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Bill to Extend Solar Thermal Program Passes California Legislature

The California Legislature passed AB 797 (Irwin) this afternoon. With the bipartisan vote in the Assembly of 45-19 today and the Senate’s bipartisan 30-10 vote on Tuesday, the bill now heads to the Governor for his signature. The bill extends consumer incentives for solar thermal technologies that heat water and air using the sun’s energy, reducing natural gas use in homes and buildings. The bill is part of the state’s ongoing efforts to meet the greenhouse gas reduction goals, improve air quality, and support economic development.

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San​ ​Bernardino​ ​County​ ​Leaders​ ​Urge​ ​California Lawmakers​ ​to​ ​Pass​ ​SB​ ​100​ ​for​ ​100%​ ​Clean​ ​Energy

Local​ ​supporters,​ ​city​ ​and​ ​state​ ​officials,​ ​faith​ ​groups,​ ​and​ ​environmental​ ​groups​ ​gathered at​ ​the​ ​site​ ​of​ ​the​ ​former​ ​Kaiser​ ​Steel​ ​Plant​ ​to​ ​urge​ ​passage​ ​of​ ​Senate​ ​Bill​ ​100​ ​(De​ ​León).​ ​SB​ ​100​ ​will ensure​ ​that​ ​California​ ​generates​ ​100%​ ​of​ ​its​ ​electricity​ ​from​ ​clean​ ​energy​ ​sources​ ​by​ ​2045.