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Accelerating the Transition to Electric School Buses

THE VAST MAJORITY of school buses in the United States run on diesel, a fossil fuel that has been shown to cause numerous health problems, including asthma, bronchitis, and cancer. Diesel exhaust is also a greenhouse gas, which contributes to climate change. However, there is an alternative: zero-emission battery electric school buses.

Report | Environment California

Environment California Legislative Agenda for 2021

Here is Environment California's Legislative Agenda for the 2021 session. 

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Statement: President Biden announces plans to set the U.S. on course toward a greener, healthier future

WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden has wasted no time in following through on several campaign promises related to protecting the environment and addressing climate change.

Thinking of buying an electric car? Charging it is about to get easier.

By | Katrina Riley
Deputy Editor, Creative Team for The Public Interest Network

If you’re considering taking the plunge and buying an electric vehicle (EV), making the switch is about to become easier. Many prospective EV-buyers, however, are rightfully concerned about vehicle range and charging accessibility — if there’s nowhere to charge, there’s nowhere to go. Fortunately, more charging stations are coming soon to California.

California’s next step: 1 million electric vehicle charging stations

By | Katrina Riley
Deputy Editor, Creative Team for The Public Interest Network

One of the most common things you hear in conversations about electric vehicles (EVs) is that people worry about running out of battery somewhere without a place to charge.

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New report provides roadmap for California to achieve carbon-free transportation

Sacramento, CA – The transportation sector is the largest source of global warming pollution in California. But a new report from Environment California Research & Policy Center and Frontier Group describes how California can build a zero-carbon transportation future - all while cleaning our air and creating safer, healthier communities.

Vote NO on Prop 6 on the California ballot

By | Dan Jacobson
Senior Advisor

If you are worried about climate change, you should vote NO on Prop 6 to stop the repeal on the statewide gas tax increase. We’re asking you to vote no on Prop 6 because it’s imperative that we both use less gas and invest in transportation solutions.

When it comes to innovative clean technology, seeing is believing. That's why, at the Global Climate Summit in California, Environment America teamed up with Proterra, a leading innovator in electric transportation, to kick off the September event with a tour billed as "States plug in to electric buses."

Report | Environment California Research & Policy Center

Electric Buses: Clean Transportation for Healthier Communities and Cleaner Air

The good news is that America can clean up its buses by making them electric. All-electric buses are here, and they’re cleaner, healthier and often cheaper for transit agencies, school districts and bus contractors to run in the long-term.

News Release | Environment California Research & Policy Center

As Electric Cars Revolutionize the Vehicle Market, New Study Helps California Cities Address Infrastructure & Parking Challenges

With electric vehicles (EVs) hitting California streets in record numbers, a new study by Environment California Research & Policy Center and Frontier Group highlights best practices to help local officials make their cities as EV-friendly as possible. The new report, “Plugging In: Speeding the Adoption of Electric Vehicles in California with Smart Local Policies,” includes projected numbers for how many EVs could be in Los Angeles, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose by 2030, and how cities can accommodate the electric cars with enough places to park and recharge.