California's impressive growth in solar power is at risk. We're calling on Gov. Gavin Newsom to keep this good thing going strong.

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CA Counties and Cities Urged to Adopt SolarAPP+ as Biden Administration Launches New Cost Saving Platform

Sacramento, Calif. – Solar advocates across California applauded the Biden Administration’s newly launched SolarAPP+ and urged county and city leaders to quickly adopt the breakthrough resource to help lower the cost for consumers to go solar...  

Land Not Needed: Why we should go big on rooftop solar

By | Laura Deehan
State Director, Environment California

In the debate about how much rooftop solar owners should be paid for the electricity they generate, some of the most important benefits usually get left out. From helping to protect land and fragile ecosystems...

Saving Rooftop Solar- Our comments at the CPUC on the Avoided Cost Calculator

By | Laura Deehan
State Director, Environment California

On June 24, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) controversially adopted a change to the state’s Avoided Cost Calculator. This calculator is a key tool the CPUC uses to measure the ‘avoided costs’ to society from distributed energy resources. Their decision could adversely affect the future of rooftop solar and energy efficiency. At the CPUC hearing Environment California State Director Laura Deehan testified against the change

With more than a million solar roofs across the state, California shouldn’t walk back incentives promised to homeowners who have installed or want to install solar roofs. 

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New report unveils utilities’ playbook to stall rooftop solar in California

California’s investor owned utilities are using a common playbook to stall the growth of solar, according to a new report released Thursday by Environment California Research & Policy Center and CALPIRG Education Fund. In California, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SoCal Edison) and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) are targeting the state’s net metering program, which compensates solar owners for the excess electricity they sell back to the grid.  

Report | Environment California Research and Policy Center

Blocking Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar power has changed California’s energy landscape, giving people the ability to transform their homes to be clean energy producers instead of dirty energy consumers. But instead of embracing this success story, utilities and other special interests are getting together to undermine rooftop solar by making it more expensive — just as it is proving its importance to our clean energy future.

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New major breakthrough in lowering cost of going solar

Pleasant Hill is leading the charge to become a solar city!

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Solar Access Act overcomes key committee hurdle.

The Solar Access Act passed the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee by a bipartisan vote of 12-2, setting California on track to streamline solar permits and expand rooftop solar and storage in the state. 

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Environment California sponsored solar access act passes senate Governance and Finance Committee

Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco)’s legislation, Senate Bill 617, the Solar Access Act, has passed the Senate Governance and Finance Committee by a
vote of 4-0. SB 617 implements automated solar permitting in counties with a population of over 150,000. This will allow for on-the-spot approvals of residential solar
and solar-plus-storage systems, which will greatly decrease wait times, cut permitting costs for local governments and homeowners, and help California meet its greenhouse
gas emission reduction goals. SB 617 is co-sponsored by SPUR and Environment California. Assemblymember David Chiu (D-San Francisco) is a principal co-author of the
bill, and Senators Josh Becker (D-San Mateo) and Henry Stern (D-Los Angeles) and Assemblymember Robert Rivas (D-Hollister) are co-authors.