Cleaning our air and fighting global warming

Exhaust from cars and trucks pollutes our air and contributes to climate change. Dirty air from vehicles makes tens of thousands of Californians sick, and costs us billions in avoidable health costs. Dependence on oil means Californians have no place to turn when gas prices rise. Transitioning to cleaner and more efficient cars, trucks and buses will benefit every Californian.

Charging ahead with a strong coalition of allies

That’s why we’ve launched a campaign to place one million light, medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles on California’s roads over the next ten years and ensure that all Californians, especially lower income households in communities most impacted by air pollution, benefit from zero tailpipe emissions. Together with our partners—the Coalition for Clean Air, Communities for a Better Environment, The Greenlining Institute and the Natural Resources Defense Council—we celebrated the launch of the Charge Ahead California campaign in November 2013.

Now we’re working with our allies to direct current polluter fees on oil companies to fund existing, highly successful purchase incentive programs and to increase access to zero-emission transportation in disadvantaged communities.

Together, we can lead the clean vehicle revolution

Reducing air pollution, improving our heath and saving money. The benefits of transitioning to cleaner vehicles are tremendous, but we’re up against the oil industry, which wants to keep us addicted to their dirty fuel. We need your support to push past the oil industry and charge ahead to a cleaner, healthier future for all Californians. Join our campaign by taking action online now!

Issue updates

News Release | Environment California

Clean Cars Would Save Californians $30 Million on Thanksgiving Travel

As Californians prepare for one of the busiest travel holidays of the year, a new Environment California report finds that more fuel efficient cars would save Californians roughly $30 million at the gas pump this Thanksgiving alone. The report was released as the Obama administration is developing new fuel efficiency and global warming pollution standards for cars and light trucks.

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Report | Environment California Research & Policy Center

Gobbling Less Gas for Thanksgiving

How Clean Cars Can Save Americans Money and Cut Oil Use -- With more than 39 million people taking to the road on trips of at least 50 miles to visit family and friends, Americans are expected to spend $418 million at the gas pump this Thanksgiving holiday.

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CA Gas Standards Reducing Pollution

California's forward-thinking and leadership in combating air pollution appears to be paying off. A report released Tuesday by the Environment California Research and Policy Center shows that California's strict vehicle gas emissions standards are positing substantial results.

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Voters Reject 2-Sided Assault on Climate Law

Dan Jacobson, legislative director for Environment California, said the coalition should help in future dealings over climate policy. "You don't get a victory like this and not have it ripple through," Jacobson said.

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News Release | Environment California

Obama Administration Moves Clean Cars into the Fast Lane

Sacramento — Today the Obama administration announced that it was starting to develop new clean vehicle standards that could dramatically cut oil use and global warming pollution, as well as save billions for consumers at the gas pump.

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